Cahors, Ground of gastronomy

At an equal distance from the ocean and the Mediterranean, Cahors is a stone city set on a plateau. A veritable capital of taste, Cahors offers you many gastronomic delights (truffle, liver of goose, rocamadour … ) and famous wines (wines of Cahors, wines of the slopes of Quercy…), most of which you can find in the particularly famous market of the city. As well as enjoying the local delicacies you can discover Cahors, the ancient city part, the medieval city part and visit the Valentré Bridge. This bridge is the city symbol and one of the most beautiful and best preserved European medieval bridges. It is classified as a World Heritage monument by the UNESCO.


To see: the Valentré bridge, the medieval city, the museum of Resistance, the fountain of the Carthusian, the St Etienne’s cathedral.

To taste: the wine of Cahors, the rocamadour (goat’s cheese), the croustillot (Lot bread), le foie gras poêlé, the “brouillade” with truffles.

To know: Along this route there are 17 manual locks without a lockkeeper.

Most Important: the village of St Cirq Lapopie.

Navigation on the Lot

Crossing 5 natural areas : Gévaudan, Rouergue, haute Auvergne, Quercy and the Agenais; the Lot river is navigable for 74km and offers you peace and the opportunity to dwadle along. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful navigable regions of France. You can cross the valley of the Lot and its vineyards, which are well-known; here you can discover the castles and the villages while going with the current.



72h of boat-trip on the Lot (France), ’12 from Claire et Max on Vimeo.
Inland cruise in the Lot region with a departure from the Canalous base, in Luzech. Going up the Lot towards Bouziès is a journey paced by manual locks which you must open as you go along.
Training for the piloting of a Tarpon 42 N before departure of a cruise on the Lot, with a departure from the Canalous base in Luzech (Lot en Quercy).
Inland cruise with a license free boat. Learning how to tie ropes.

Tourist attractions

Itinéraires croisière fluviale lot


Suggestions for cruises from Cahors

Mini week
Cahors – St Cirq Lapopie – Cahors : 70 km – 22 locks – 15 hours

One week
Cahors – Luzech – St Cirq Lapopie – Larnagol – Cahors : 146 km – 34 locks (Only one automatic) – 28 hoursRoutesAvailable boats

Tarpon 42
Nicols 1310
Nicols 1100
Riviera 1120
Marina 1120
Espade Concept Fly
Triton 860
Vetus 1200

Les autres bases de la région