River cruise in Cognac

Between Loire and Garonne, the Charente River runs slowly through Angoulême and the vineyards of Cognac to the Atlantic Ocean. This region is famous for its fine Cognac and Pineau. Visit the distilleries and try to discover the secret of these unforgettable brandies
The lush valleys are lined with Renaissance castles and Romanesque churches. Enjoy the views…


TO SEE: The cellars of Pineau and Cognac, Saints and its Roman vestiges, Bourg-Charente and its dugout, Jarnac, city of F. Mitterrand, Angoulême: capital of the comic strip.

TO TASTE: The “cougnat” (cognac), the pineau of the Charente, the capon of Barbezieux, cagouilles (snails), the manslois (cheese), kroumirs and cornuelles (cake store(cornuelles (pastry)).

TO KNOW: The region so called Charente “country of a thousand rivers” counted formerly 800 mills among which some were transformed into museums.

MOST IMPORTANT: The national center of the comic strip and of the image of Angoulême

Navigation on the Charente

It is a welcoming, very beautiful river, convenient to navigate quite freely.
We also call it the happy river … You will cross soft landscapes and will discover how alders, fennels of water, or the other wild reeds all seized the banks. Doubtless you will spot some kingfishers, grey herons or moorhens too. Fishing Amateurs, carps, trout, pike perches, pikes, eels and many others species populate the Charente, so get to your fishing lines!



Au fil de l’eau… from shalimachocolat on Vimeo.

Tourist attractions

Itinéraires croisière fluviale Charente

Discover all our tourist information from Cognac. Rent a boat or a barge without licence, visit Cognac and its museum and navigate to Angoulême, capital of the drawn strip.

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Suggestions for cruises from Cognac

Cognac – Saintes – Cognac : 69 km, 4 locks, 10 hours
Cognac – Jarnac – Cognac : 40km, 6 locks, 6 hours

Mini week
Cognac – St Savinien – Cognac : 112 km, 4 locks, 20 hours
Cognac – Châteauneuf sur Charente – Cognac : 66 km, 16 locks, 14 hours

One week
Cognac – Angoulême – Cognac : 118 km. 36 locks, 28 hours
Cognac – St Savinien – Cognac – Jarnac – Cognac : 142 km, 10 locks, 25 hours
Cognac – Châteauneuf sur Charente – Cognac : 135 km, 20 locks, 25 hours

Two weeks
Cognac – Angoulême – Cognac – St Savinien – Cognac : 230 km, 40 locks, 48 hours

Tarpon 42 TP
Tarpon 42
Tarpon 37
Tarpon 37
Tarpon 32
Triton 1050
Eau Claire 1130
Eau Claire 930 Fly
Eau Claire 930 Fly
Espade 850 Fly
Triton 860 Fly
Penichette 935 W
Penichette 1107 W

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