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Les bases de la région

Lock 57 at Ham is closed for repairs, reopening is planned for the 22 april 2016.

You can choose either the short trip or the long cruise, you will find in both the pleasure of cruising on the canals of the Ardennes through wild and wooded landscapes and surprising villages, witnesses of French History. The different habours along the canal which are under continual development, are there to welcome and satisfy you. From them, you will get the opportunity to discover historical sites like thelegendary site of the “Dames de Meuse” in Laifour, the castles and fortresses of Hierges, Givet, Sedan or Namur… the natural parks of Montherme, Thilay or Bogny sur Meuse, and the gastronomy with specialities like the “Tarte au sucre”, the “boudin blanc de Rethel”, or the “salades au lard”. Don’t forget to taste the beer of Stenay or from Belgium and of course the famous Champagne.
In the Ardennes Mother Nature is Queen. The Meuse River has this “little something” that can amaze the most experienced captain, surprise the most demanding. But above all, it will undoubtedly be a cruise full of surprises…

Attraits touristiques dans les Ardennes

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Discover photos of the Ardennes and imagine your inland cruise on the Meuse.