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Żuławy Wiślane – the romantic land in the North of Poland, veiled in history and a spirit of mystery, also called the «Polish Netherlands» where «everything is associated with water». The drainage network, protects the areas located up to 2 m below the sea level. The hydro-engineering equipment dating back to the peaceful Dutch Mennonites has been working continuously over the ages in order to keep the capricious Żuławy under control. The OstródaElblag Canal is a structure unique in the world. While traveling along certain sections of the canal, a ship is transported on a special platform moving on rails. In this way the ships cover the distance of 2300 meters of dry, grassy land up to a height of 100 meters


To see: Malbork: the largest brick castle in Europe.
Tczew and its bridges over 150 years old O Drewnica / Żuławki, its windmills, its arcade houses
Ilawa and its lake
The boat lift of the Elblag canal from Elblag to Ostróda on rail

To taste: Polish gastronomy: pierogi, bigos, soup-zurek, fresh fish from surrounding rivers, all accompanied with the famous vodka and local beers.

Most important : Gdańsk town and its 1000 year old history, its monuments, its historical and cultural patrimony



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Routes and Tourist attractions

Suggestions for cruises from Gdansk

Rybina – Elblag – Malbork – Rybina : 120 km, 4 locks, 15 hours
Rybina – Drewnica – Sztutowo – Elblag – Rybina : 80 km, 0 locks, 10 hours

Rybina – Elblag – Malbork – Tczew – Rybina: 170 km, 5 locks, 21 hours

One Week
Zulawy Ring : Rybina, Elblag, Malbork, Gniew, Tczew, Rybina : 200 km – 7 locks – 25 hours

One or two weeks
Zulawy Ring + Ostróda-Elblag Canal: Rybina – Gdańsk, Elbląg, Ostróda, Elbląg Canal, Iława and/or Ostróda, Ostróda, Elbląg Canal, Elbląg, Gdańsk – Rybina : 280 – 350 km – 8 locks – 5 platforms – 6 draw bridges – 50 hours

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