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Sjötorp is an idyllic canal community, a perfect stop before you move on or begin your canal journey. Don’t miss the smoked salmon at Maltes Fisk och Delikatesser. The Restaurang Kajutan and KanalKrogen are the community’s pleasant restaurants. Café Baltzar offers a selection of coffee and tea in a cosy environment. The Canal Museum at the shipyard warehouse is a must for canalgoers. Bengt Olson’s mighty granite sculpture, Water Stairs, was erected in honour of the Göta Canal’s 175th anniversary.

There’s a lot to do. Minigolf, beach volleyball and a brand-new small beach. Take the whole family to try out the Kanalbolaget’s floating wood-burning sauna. For more information and reservation, contact the lockkeeper in Sjötorp.


Tourist Attractions


Suggestions for cruises from Sjötorp

One week
Sjötorp – Karlsborg – Sjötorp : 130 km, 27 locks, 38 hours

One week one way
Sjötorp – Söderköping : 159 km, 53 locks, 32 hours

Two weeks
Sjötorp – Berg – Sjötorp : 130 km, 26 locks, 24 hours

Two weeks one way
Sjötorp – Söderköping : 159 km, 53 locks, 32 hours

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