Kalyazin is a town of about 15,000 inhabitants located in Tver Oblast in Russia. This city was made atypical with the creation of the dam of Uglich, a large part of the inhabited center of the city was put under water. The iconic belfry that was left standing on what is now an island in the Volga, is now the main reason for the tourist success that meets the city of Kalyazin. Many roads are still unpaved, which adds to the feeling of autenticity never recovered from the Soviet modernization, as if time had stopped …


TO SEE : The submerged chapel of Kalyazin

TO TASTE : Russian culinary specialties: Stroganoff beef, borsch (soup of beetroot with cabbage and meat), syrniki (small pancakes), blinis and selyodka pod chouboy (fur herring).

MOST IMPORTANT : Come discover the famous RT-64 telescope, maybe you will see asteroids, or unidentified flying objects, we never know!



The submerged chapel of Kalyazin

Tourist attractions

  • The submerged chapel of Kalyazin
  • River Volga
  • The RT-64 radiotelescope


Suggestions for cruises from Kalyazin

One week
Kalyazin – Koprino – Kalyazin : 203 km, 2 locks, 20 hours
Kalyazin – Tver – Kalyazin : 400 km, 2 locks, 40 hours

Navigating on the river Volga
Rental only with Skipper (provide 1 extra cabin) (skipper price already included in the rental price)

Penichette 1400 FB
Penichette 1165 FB

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